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Unbelievable Coffee and Chocolate Cupcakes

Jennifer’s Cakes has teamed up with Gimoka Coffee UK, in order to promote their delicious Italian coffee brand. So, what better way to enjoy coffee, but in cake? Those incredibly rich coffee beans, mixed with chocolate create a flavour like none-other, so here is my Unbelievable Coffee and Chocolate Cupcake Recipe.
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From Plant To Cup...The Coffee Story [INFOGRAPHIC]

The coffee tree grows from seeds to seedling in 4 to 8 weeks and continues to grow for 9 to 18 months until it reaches about 12 inches. The soil from which it grows needs to stay moist and without much sunlight. After that, it takes 3 more years for it to bear fruit, and 6 more years for it to become mature and produce fruit fully. That’s when it’s ready for harvesting.
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Us at Gimoka Coffee UK love using coffee pods and capsules every day. Our coffee tastes amazing, anyone can pick their own taste and type, and it's just enough for one cup. Having such a big selection every day is simply amazing and makes us feel special but, oh, it takes up space! Sometimes it's even hard to find the capsule you want in a massive pile of different capsules and it is very frustrating before that first morning coffee.
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Coffee Alphabet [INFOGRAPHIC]

When you start learning how to read and write, you first learn the alphabet. As and Bs and Cs, simple words and sentences are used as an introduction to a huge world of paragraphs, texts, books and encyclopedias. Same goes for anything in life – it all starts with something simple like an alphabet. So, let's get to know coffee and coffee culture with an alphabet of terms about this amazing drink. Read our large list of terms, and check out the in
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We all drink coffee, but how much do we really know about it? People usually take things they enjoy on daily basis for granted. If you ever wanted to know more about coffee culture trends or habits of coffee lovers in the UK, this is the spot to check.
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